About us

Aorthoprosthetic is a Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers . Founded by Dr.Amit , Center for Prosthetics Orthotics, Together, share a common philosophy of providing state-of-the-art techniques with appropriate, cost-effective technology.

Don't let orthopedic conditions like fractures, joint replacements, spinal deformities, arthritis etc.

We provide a caring, personalized approach that includes reliable and timely problem solving. This has fostered accountability in our entire staff and a tenacious pursuit of care that is professional and innovative.

The result is that aorthoprosthetic holds the reputation for continuing to establish the Gold Standard in the service to the physically challenged patient and their health care team.

Our clinical team is comprised of certified clinicians and technicians of the highest caliber. Together, we offer extensive experience in the full range of orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic care.

From helping people return to daily activities or recreational interests to alleviating discomfort and pain, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients.

Aorthoprosthetic Centers connect healthcare providers and our patients with leading consultants, contemporary research and the most advanced materials and technology.